Few words about: LAG and LEAD TSQL functions

In SQL SERVER 2012 we’ve got some new functions that can be useful in our daily work, today I would like to present my two favorite ones: LAG and LEAD.

LAG function is working only with OVER( ORDER BY) clause and access data from previous row. LEAD functions works in very similar way – it’s return data from next row. I hope next example will be good way to understand how it works.

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Few words about SQL Server services

Today I would like to write few words about SQL Servier Services. This topic is quite easy but some people doesn’t know basic things about services. We can manage services with two simple administration tools:

  • Windows Services
  • SQL Server Configuration Manager

Microsoft recommend to use second option – Configuration Manager (CM) – and if we can we should use this tool but not in every situation (as I will show lately).

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